About Raintree Farms

Who we are

Raintree Farms is a value-added social enterprise based in Masindi, Uganda and is focused on the sustainable growing and processing of Moringa Oleifera crops. Officially registered in 2015, the Company works with partner farmers to supply organically-certified Moringa Oleifera of the highest quality to the nutritional, beauty, and health markets around the world.

Our Vision

By 2025, East Africa will be to moringa oliefera what South Africa’s Stellenbosch region is to fine wine. Uganda especially, will lead the region in setting the standard for how high quality, organic, and socially-responsible moringa oliefera is produced. The company setting that standard will be Raintree Farms. Our goal is to become known as the largest, most-respected producer of moringa oliefera products on the continent.

Our Mission

Raintree Farms builds individuals and communities by focusing on delivering value to the farmers we work with, fulfilling purpose for the employees that work for us, and delivering best of class products to the customers that rely on us.

Our Core Values

Without a focus on quality, we have no purpose for existing. From our commitment to improving the lives of individuals and communities, to delivering unmatched products to our valued customers, quality must be our driving force.

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