About Qwezi Beauty

Moringa Oleifera

Qwezi Beauty is a fast growing beauty brand owned by Raintree Farms Limited, a social enterprise headquartered in Masindi district, in Western Uganda. The brand was launched in January 2020 in Kampala, Uganda after the founder of the company realized there weren’t enough locally made natural beauty products on the local market. Of those that were on the market, very few fully capitalized on the powerful benefits of moringa oil.

 “Without a focus on quality we have no reason for existing. From our commitment to improving the lives of individuals and communities, to delivering unmatched products to our valued customers. Quality must be our driving force.”

The company’s core value statement above says it all. Our goal is to become the most respected producer of moringa oleifera products on the continent. 

Qwezi Beauty Farm

Within a year of our launch in February 2020, we have shipped to customers in 25 cities in more than 10 countries. Our expanding retail presence includes more than 10 retail locations in Kampala. The brand was launched with only qwezi beauty moringa oil but has extended its product line to include cleansing bars with more products under development. Our products cater for all skin types of both male and female. Qwezi beauty so far has 3 types of soap which include; Activated charcoal bar, gentle exfoliating bar and the unscented neutral bar.  

All Qwezi products contain various Moringa oleifera ingredients including seed oil, seed cake (a byproduct of oil production) and leaf powder. Moringa oleifera is the scientific name for a widely-cultivated medical crop commonly known as the “drumstick tree”. Native to North India and grown around the world in the sub-tropical belt, it is sometimes referred to as a “miracle tree”. Moringa seed oil has been a highly sought after super ingredient of choice for beauty products for centuries. Even ancient Egyptians used it to make perfumes and to protect their skin from the harsh conditions of the desert.

Moringa Oleifera Farmers at Qwezi

Moringa oleifera seeds start as a flower and quickly transform into mature seed pods within 3-6 months. After harvest, the seeds are cold-pressed and filtered for maximum purity. Qwezi beauty moringa oil is packed with over 90 nutrients, omega 3 fatty acids, chlorophyll, vitamin E, over 1700 anti- oxidants, and other anti-inflammatory ingredients. Our moringa oil is light weight, sinking deep into your pore without leaving any oily residue as it pushes out impurities. 

All these nutrients offer unique benefits for hair, body and face. The vitamins build collagen, fight skin aging, repair damaged skin cells, and offer anti- inflammatory properties. For hair, the oil contributes to hair growth and helps fight free radicals which prevents hair from early greying. Zinc is essential for maintaining healthy hair and preventing hair breakage. Fatty acids moisturize the skin and improve the shine luster and hair softness. Qwezi beauty’s top priority is to exploit the moringa oleifera tree for the health and safety of the employees, customers and the community.

At Qwezi beauty we believe 90% of beauty is shaped by ones mindset. And ones mindset is shaped by the type of information it has been fed. Most people have been made to believe glowing skin can only be achieved through strong chemicals often dangerous to human skin. The truth is, natural products on natural skin produces the best natural glow without any negative side effect neither short nor long term.  According to research, 1 in every 5 cancers diagnosed is a skin cancer. The highest cause of all these skin cancers is the exposure to strong chemicals which increases risk of the cancers.

Qwezi Beauty is focused on making the highest quality natural beauty products for hair, body, and face that are free from harmful chemicals. Qwezi beauty products are non-bleaching because we believe we can help you love the skin you’re in, whatever shade it comes in.